Tuna Route Festival

2019 will bring to the Porto Santo Island the second edition of the Tuna Route Festival. More than a gastronomic event, this is a festival that brings to the island guests from the most different areas of knowledge and arts.

The Tuna Route festival is an event promoted by the Vila Baleira Resort with the support of the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Fisheries of the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture and Madeira’s Promotion Association.

From the 3rd to the 9th of June Porto Santo will be tuna’s capital.

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About the Festival

The Autonomous Region of Madeira is currently, in the national panorama, responsible for more than 60% of the total quota of the Tuna fishery.

The Atlantic waters of Porto Santo island are part of the route of the shoals that run through the oceans.

The Tuna Route Festival, a Vila Baleira Resort organization, is inspired by these two factors and seeks to honor tuna in its most diverse aspects.

The festival has Chef Cordeiro’s culinary curatorship who will lead an array of national and international chefs who join Vila Baleira’s resident Chef Manuel Santos.

Once again Chef Carmine Basile (Italy), Chef José Lopez (Spain) and Chef António Vieira join this event.

In this Festival each night has a very special dinner with different themes and ends with a dinner guided by Chef Cordeiro.

In addition to the themed dinners, the festival participants will be able to participate in cooking workshops with tasting in order to be able to taste this fresh fish in numerous ways.

For those who want to learn a bit more and see everything first hand, there are visits to tuna boats accompanied by fishermen and the presence of local artisans throughout the event.

Os Chefs

José Cordeiro


José Cordeiro was born in Angola in 1967 and is the son of Portuguese from Trás-os-Montes. It is in this land, where he grew up, that he finds his origins and also the inspiration to cook, combining with Portuguese products the fraternal connection with our land and our people. After several international experiences, he worked as Chief Executive Officer in some of the most emblematic spaces at national level.

Carmine Basile


Born in Naples, Italy, 50 years ago, he has worked in restaurants in Greece, England and Switzerland, arriving at last in Portugal, in 1996, as a gastronomic consultant for Italian Cuisine, at the same time as he began to learn about Portuguese gastronomy. He was a chef at D’Olive for 9 years, a restaurant from the Al Forno group, he was part of the jury of the Portuguese Pizzaiolos Championship and, in 2013, he accepted a challenge to be a part of a project at Madeira’s Island, where he is still to this day a part of Passione D’Italia, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria.

António Vieira


At the age of 47, with 27 of experience, Chef António Vieira has left his mark in many projects. In the city of Oporto, from Cafeína in 1995, until Terra in 2007. When he felt prepared to fly higher, he opened his own project, the restaurant SHIS, at Douro River Mouth. In 2015, he opened the Wish, inspired in modern concepts of fusion restaurants, where it’s possible to enjoy a tasteful japanese meal with an international cuisine.

Manuel Santos


Foi com apenas 15 anos que começou a estudar Cozinha, na Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Porto, tendo de imediato começado a trabalhar na área do catering. Aos 18 anos chega a Porto Santo, para trabalhar como cozinheiro para o Hotel Vila Baleira. Continuou a sua formação ao longo dos anos, o que contribuiu para a sua subida até chef do Hotel Vila Baleira, cargo que ocupa já há oito anos. É o responsável por tudo o que está relacionado com a comida do hotel.

José António Goye


A experiência deste chef espanhol é bastante vasta. Conta com mais de 30 anos de formação na área de Cozinha. Não só como aluno, mas também como professor, visto que o Chef Goye deu formação em Cozinha em várias escolas, colégios e universidades. É, desde 1987, proprietário e chef do Restaurante Casa Rufino, em Huelva, tendo sido premiado várias vezes pelo seu contributo para o desenvolvimento da região.

Sr. Shinya Koike


Born in Tokyo, Shinya Koike soon became acquainted with fresh fish at the Tsukiji market, in the company of his father who also owned a sushi-ya. Not wishing to limit himself to raw fish, he trained at French restaurants. It was in Brazil, in the A1 that he started his author’s cooking, after which he opened the restaurant Aizomê. His book “A Cor do Sabor” won the 2nd place as best book of Japanese cuisine in the world. Embracing various projects, he has been a major name in Japanese cuisine all over the world.

Koichi Mori


Yves Gautier


Don Angelo Colmenares


Ben Borsht


O Vila Baleira Resort

With a privileged location in relation to the paradisiacal beach of Porto Santo, Vila Baleira Resort is currently betting on a strategy that aims to overcome the typical seasonality of Porto Santo and attract tourists, both domestic and foreign.

The a href=”https://www.vilabaleira.com/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Vila Baleira Resort‘s Thalassotherapy Center, the largest and one of the best equipped in the country, is the main engine of this strategy and allows to position the hotel in the wellness, or Health and Well-Being, a sector with increasing demand throughout the world. Assuming as one of the largest private employers in Porto Santo, Vila Baleira Resort stands out as a hotel with family characteristics that cultivates the spirit of proximity and hospitality with the guests.

Porto Santo, Tuna’s Island

Located in the Madeira’s archipelago, in the Atlantic, is the island of Porto Santo, the first discovery of the Portuguese navigators. Just an hour and a half from the mainland, Porto Santo is the stage for this great Tuna Route Festival.

Porto Santo, Europe’s best well-kept secret, the golden island surrounded by warm, crystal clear Atlantic waters. With a cliff that, in the distance, embellishes the landscape, this island has impressive corners waiting to be discovered. Let yourself be enchanted by its 9 km of golden sands, whose medicinal properties have been proven. In fact, the whole island is an oasis of well-being. Take a deep breath of fresh air and feel at home where the temperature is always mild and the sea always invites you to a swim. Porto Santo is the Safe Port of your family, that will relax and unwind thanks to the many activities that the island has to offer.

A piece of land in the middle of the Atlantic, which welcomes us with open arms and offers all its charm to conquer the hearts of who visits us!





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